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Dunn's River Falls (Couples Tower Isle, Couples Sans Souci)

One of Jamaica’s national treasures, Dunn’s River Falls are located near Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Always on the must-do list of activities in the Caribbean, it’s well worth making the time to climb these spectacular natural waterfalls.

Approximately 600 feet high, Dunn’s River Falls are terraced like a giant staircase. Water flows from the falls into the bay, where it enters the sea. A lovely stretch of beach is located directly at the bottom. Along the way up, you will discover several beautiful lagoons interspersed on different vertical plateaus. Dunn’s River Falls are bordered by lush green vegetation that shades the area from the sun—keeping you cool during your ascent. Of course, standing under the falls themselves offers a refreshing massage, ideally followed by a dip in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Climbing the falls has been a favorite tourist activity for decades, and is best accomplished with the help of a licensed tour guide. It takes approximately three hours to the top—including short breaks along the way for photographs. Hiking Dunn’s River Falls is relatively easy, often requiring that you hold hands in a human chain lead by the guides.

We are pleased to offer our Dunn’s River Falls Tour six days a week. Our air-conditioned bus picks you up from the hotel in the morning and takes you directly to the falls where an official Dunn’s River tour guide joins you. Fees for the guide, as well as entrance to the falls are included. Tips are discretionary.

To participate, please make a reservation with our Tour Desk at least 24 hours in advance.