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Welcome to Carrie's Corner, where I explore all-things Couples, romance, adventure, cuisine and Jamaica. Join me on this journey as I share weekly stories of the lovable staff, loyal guests and behind-the-scenes insights of these breathtaking resorts as Chief Romance Officer of Couples Resorts.

A Thanksgiving Ode to Couples who Love Couples

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Turn You and Your Partner into the Perfect Travel Companions

Hi Couples family! We all know that traveling can be an amazing experience, but a lot of it depends on who you travel with. How you get on with your travel companion can make or break the trip, and you want your vacation with the one you love to be p

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Island Dating Advice for Married Couples

Hi Couples family, You know they say even once you’re married that you should never stop dating, and that keeping the “date” mentality helps keep the flames of romance lit. We’ve got three great ideas for an island “date

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Couples and the Caribbean: Tropical Vacation Hacks

Hi Couples family, We know that everyone wants to have the best vacation possible, but there’s always little things that get in the way. Well we’re here to help with a few of our very own hacks for your tropical vacation! 1. When down in

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Get Spicy! Fun Jamaican Meals for Cooking as a Couple

Looking for a way to spice up your love life? Cooking is a sensual, romantic adventure when the mood is set and Jamaican cuisine is in the air. Set up a date night on the calendar, put on some aprons and open up a bottle of wine to enjoy while cookin

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How a Trip to the Caribbean Can Spice Up Your Marriage

Is your marriage in a rut? It’s easy to get stuck in a monotonous routine with work, kids and day-to-day life, and your most important relationship inevitably gets pushed to the side. Marriages are filled with high and low seasons, and some sea

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See the world and strengthen your bond: How travel can help your re

At the root of travel, is the adventurous spirit. We travel to see new places, to meet new people, and to create memories that last a lifetime. Traveling requires many resources such as time, money, and a plan, but when done, it is life changing. Be

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Can skinny-dipping save your marriage?

Whether au natural is your forte or not when selecting a vacation getaway, there is certainly something to be said about embracing the tried-and-true skinny-dipping recreational activity with the one you love (at least once, in your lifetime!). Rela

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That's Amore! Pizza Recipe from Executive Chef Stefan Spath

Hi Couples family, There's a nip in the air as fall is in full swing, and it's the perfect time to bring a bit of Jamaica and Couples Resorts into your kitchen and daily routine. Exectuive Chef Stefan Spath has shared with me one of his favorite fal

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Wedding Spotlight: Winston and Michelle Louise Snape

Hi Couples family, Wishing you and your families a wonderful start to the new month. With the holidays right around the corner, we see a lot of sweet proposals and subsequent destination wedding planning at all four of our resorts. Today, we'd like t

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