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Couples Resorts Excursion: Mystic Mountain

Have you ever gone bobsledding? How about bobsledding on your Jamaican vacation? Rated on TripAdvisor as one of the top attractions in Ocho Rios Jamaica, Mystic Mountain offers you the experience of a lifetime and never fails to be truly exhilarating. This environmentally friendly attraction is an unforgettable rainforest adventure suited for the entire family to enjoy. The Mystic Mountain 3-in-1 Tranopy Tour offers you an adrenaline filled taste of their favorite attractions.

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The SkyExplorer takes you up to 700 feet through the tropical rainforest canopy, allowing you to enjoy a spectacular view of Ocho Rios and its surroundings (including Dunnís River Falls). Hold on tight during the Bobsled adventure, a thrill ride you wonít want to miss which takes you through 3,280 feet of twists and turns! The adrenaline continues to flow as you fly through the forest on the canopy zip line. The zip line will drop you at the mountainís mid-point where you can enjoy the infinity edge pool or grab a bite to eat before you catch the SkyExplorer back to the bottom.

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So when next you vacation at our Caribbean all inclusive beach resort, be sure to stop by the Tour Desk on property and book your Mystic Mountain excursion! Watch in the video below as Ricardo tells us why to visit Mystic Mountain directly from the SkyExplorer:

Donít forget to pick up your T-shirt at the Gift Shop once youíve spent the day at Mystic Mountain!

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