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August 27th, 2014

Couples Turn to Crowdfunding to Help Pay for Weddings?

It’s no secret that weddings can be quite expensive. The average price for a wedding today is $30,000 - a price that is simply too steep for many couples, which means they have to get creative in order to find the money. This is why many couples are turning to crowdfunding to raise the money needed for the wedding of their dreams.

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One website that’s very popular with couples is There are currently over 1500 wedding campaigns on the site, with 16,000 donors pitching in. One of the couples that use the website is Noah Breeze and Janica Smith. This young couple will soon be getting married in front of 75 friends and relatives. They’re planning on spending $13,000 on the wedding, which is much lower than the average, but they still need help raising the money. They recently created a campaign page asking for $1,000. They were able to raise $700, which they were both satisfied with. Breeze said that the kindness demonstrated by these strangers gave him faith that there are still so many good people out there. The donations that poured in were a sign that strangers truly did care for his happiness.

GoFundMe is an easy way for families, friends, and generous strangers to contribute to a couple’s wedding fund. The website’s ‘Wedding’ page is full of campaigns from all over the world. Some of these campaigns are simply for the wedding ceremony itself, while other campaigns ask for money for the honeymoon. Others combine their wedding campaign with other fundraising efforts. Some of these couples ask for help paying for items like medical bills, or other large expenses that are diminishing a couples' funds and causing them to struggle to find the money for their wedding. Some couples choose to use GoFundMe instead of setting up a registry or asking for cash gifts at the wedding. For them, the wedding itself is the present.

It is common to see couples give perks to those who donated to their wedding fund. One California-based couple sent everyone who donated $25 or more some free Cake Pops. Another couple promised to acknowledge their benefactors’ generosity on Social Media. These small perks are the couples’ way of showing genuine appreciation for the kindness of others.

Many couples are overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers. The ‘Wedding’ page is full of couples thanking their donors with touching messages. Many donors also leave their own heartfelt messages, wishing couples happy lives and beautiful wedding days. Looking through GoFundMe’s ‘Wedding’ page shows just how many generous people are out there. It also shows that crowdfunding is a model that works for generating money for a wedding.

The price of weddings keeps going up, and many couples struggle to afford even the most basic ceremony. Crowdfunding is the perfect choice for those couples who dream of a beautiful, lavish wedding but don’t have the money to make that dream a reality. For those couples who care more about their wedding day than wedding presents, having their guests donate to their GoFundMe page is the perfect choice. Crowdfunding gives every couple the opportunity to have their own dream wedding.