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What To Know About Scuba Diving, Before You Take The Dive

Have you always wanted to witness the majestic beauty of the Jamaican reefs by swimming right into the heart of it? Couples Resorts is one of the few all inclusive vacations to Jamaica that youíll find offering you complimentary scuba diving courses daily, for certified PADI divers, and an introductory Resort Course, for non-certified divers. Before you take the plunge, catch up on these quick and easy diving tips courtesy of, that are sure to help make the best out of your diving experience in the Caribbean Sea.

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Tip #1: Know your marine life by making a sketch. You want to make sure you remember what you see down below so you can share with your friends and family. An easy way to do this is by bringing a slate with you when you dive so you can either make a quick note or sketch of what youíve seen. This way when youíre all dried off, the sketches on the slate will serve as a good reference.

Tip #2: Know how to work an underwater camera. Another way to help you remember the beauty of the Jamaican reefs is by bringing an underwater camera with you. Two things to focus on while attempting to shoot underwater is to get as close to your subject as you can and to shoot at an upward angle. By doing so, you will fill up the entire frame of your shot and separate the desired object from the background.

Tip #3: Stay down longer by relaxing your breathe. Itís important to not get too anxious and attempt to speed dive to the bottom. Breathe the exact same way you would while above water when underwater; and get underwater quickly, where your scuba diving equipment will be more comfortable to manage and adjust. Swim with your arms by your side and concentrate on slow, smooth kicks coming from your hips. This will help you save energy and use less air.

Not many Caribbean all-inclusive resorts will give you the opportunity to take both a deep dive in the morning Jamaican sun, and a shallow dive in the afternoon to assure you see the largest variety while exploring the Caribbean seafloor.
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