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Dress Up For An Elegant Dinner For Two At Couples Sans Souci Resort

While in Jamaica, one must savor the finest foods there are to offer. Couples Resorts, 5 star all inclusive resort accommodations are a given, but have you heard about all the delectable dishes? One of the more popular restaurants of all the properties is the Casanova Restaurant at Couples Sans Souci. Decorated with a colonial elegance, the menu features a mix of international cuisine infused with Caribbean ingredients. One can choose to dine in air-conditioned comfort while listening to resident pianist Trevor, tinkle the ivories or dine under the stars on the patio. Both locations allowing you to be in that romantic environment at Casanova.

Whether you are choosing from a platter of tasty shrimp, mouthwatering escargot, fresh salads for two, zesty soups or the heavenly desserts from the menu, Casanova Restaurant is going to serve up a dizzying array of spectacular treats, specially prepared for you by Senior Sous Chef Dwight Morris & team.

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Just ask any of these couples we observed dining:

Honeymooners Jesse & Megan Conner from Texas getting ready to partake of their Desserts (cashew tart & chocolate fondue)

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Also, look at our multi-repeat Scottish guests, Caroline & Grant Parfery and Barry & Monica Vallance, who have described the experience as unforgettable and always leave wanting more of the cuisine.

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So while vacationing with us, donít forget to include Couples Resorts Casanova Restaurant on your list of restaurants to experience.