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Happy 50th Birthday, Jamaica

The creative geniuses of the Human Resources Department at Couples Tower Isle joined in the “Jamaica Celebrate 50” revelry on Tuesday July 31, 2012.

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They premiered their week long celebrations with cultural events that commemorated the development of the country as a nation through distinct and vibrant culture. Open to all staff members and guests of the resort, it was an afternoon that highlighted Jamaican culture conceptualized with activities and displays which included, but were not limited to:

• Our earliest settlers
• Our National Heroes & Heroines
• Traditional foods
• Our symbols and artifacts
• Dances, songs, drama, dialect
• Our journey from 1962 through to 2012

Performances were done by various departments throughout the hotel; Accounts, Entertainment, Dining Room, Engineering, just to name a few, and proved to be both educational and entertaining.

The culmination of events will occur today on Monday August 6, 2012 which will mark 50 years of Independence for the Caribbean island- Jamaica. Here are some highlights… enjoy!

Guests hanging out with Staff of the Engineering Department- Mr. and Mrs. McQueen and Mr. and Mrs. Barclay:

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Operations Manager- Charmaine Bailey jerking chicken:

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Happy birthday, Jamaica!!

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