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Couples Sans Souci - The James Bond Jamaican Beach Location

Are you looking for a little secrecy in your next vacation? Why not follow in the footsteps of the world’s foremost superspy and check out his favorite holiday spot. Sean Connery first hit the screen as James Bond in the 1962 classic, Dr. No. After interrogating a few baddies on the way from the airport, he settled into the James Bond resort in Jamaica that is now Couples Sans Souci. An elegant resort carved into the cliffside with winding walkways, natural mineral springs, hidden grottos, lush foliage and breathtaking beauty – it’s no wonder that Bond couldn't stay away. In 1973 Roger Moore returned to 007’s favorite hotel in Live and Let Die – clearly our dry martinis (shaken not stirred) passed the test.

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In 1996, the resort hosted the James Bond Festival Retreat in collaboration with Chris Blackwell and Golden Eye. Visiting as well were Grace Jones, George Lazenby, Ursala Andress and Richard Kiel.

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The resort has always had a close connection to James Bond – and even features a penthouse suite named after Roger Moore (pictured below). However, if you want get even closer to the origins of 007, be sure to stay in Miss Taro’s Bungalow, now the luxurious Couples Sans Souci Resort.

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Of course for the real lowdown on all of our various movie sites, have a chat with the General Manager Pierre Battaglia, the resident expert on this piece of heaven that he has successfully managed for over 12 years.

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If you’ve ever wanted to scout some of the most popular James Bond locations, the beach and island scenes 007 visited are right in our backyard! So, whatever your budget and whether you want luxury or adventure, consider an all inclusive vacation package at a location that features scenes from the 007 blockbusters.