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An Unforgettable Spa Experience at Couples Resorts

As you walk through the door of the Oasis Spa at Couples Tower Isle and inhale the aroma of oils, a calming sense will take over your body. Tense and tired, your senses are immediately awakened and words such as relaxing, tranquil and serene come to mind. This is what Denise Morrison, regional spa manager of the Ocho Rios properties, strives to achieve for all of her guests.

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Couples Resorts, multi award winning Jamaica all inclusive vacations are a big hit with guests because of the caring staff and amenities. Read below how a recent guest, Roberta, felt after a spa getaway at Couples Sans Souci:

“Our first day at Couples Sans Souci was a bit rainy. We decided this was the perfect time to relax with a massage at the spa.

My masseuse was Ruth, and let me tell you, this was the best massage I have ever experienced. My stress and cares melted away under Ruth's capable hands. While listening to the lapping of the waves, I transcended to another level of was magical. I was so relaxed at the end of the massage; I fell asleep and had to be reminded that I needed to leave the massage hut. We left feeling totally relaxed and wonderful.

No one should leave the best Caribbean spa before experiencing a wonderful massage to make your stay complete!”

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We’d like to share with you below some benefits of massages and spas:

  1. Health and fitness: After only one trip to the spa, you will feel refreshed and relaxed. Professional staff can advise you about the best treatments for your body, give you suggestions about improving your daily routine and subsequently improving your general well-being.
  2. Reduce stress and manage pain: By making the most of spa treatments and therapies you can relieve stress and relax in beautiful surroundings, and forget about the business in your life. Take advantage of the Jacuzzi, the sauna or the steam room, and let your worries melt away. Spa treatments are also great for general aches and pains, which can be brought on by over-exerting yourself.
  3. Mind benefits: Spa treatments can be beneficial for your mind, as well as your body. Physically and mentally you will feel cleansed and relaxed after a visit or two to the spa, which often results in higher self-esteem and confidence. Massages also provide emotional and psychological benefits, which we often need in order to feel good about ourselves.
  4. Improved circulation: Many spa treatments and massages help to improve blood circulation and reduce high blood pressure. Improving general circulation of blood reduces the risk of blood clots and sprains and eases stress. Improved circulation will not only improve your general health, but it will also increase your desire to be more active and exercise.
  5. Healthier skin: If our skin looks good, we look good; regular spa visits will make your skin glow. Facials and body treatments specifically target skin problems and will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed; reducing wrinkles and putting a spring in your step.

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Denise Morrison- Regional Spa Manager of Ocho Rios properties