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Caribbean Style Living While On Vacation at Couples Resorts

Caribbean style living has become a very popular design style in the recent years. Some have embodied the Caribbean-lifestyle through interior designs at home by accentuating their space with that light breezy feel, or with accents or paintings that gives your space that Caribbean flavor in the absence of the real thing. Of course when the long awaited occasion arises for you to visit the all inclusive vacations in Jamaica, hereís what you can expect:

  • As a part of our signature style, a rustic but always luxurious surrounding with an eclectic combination of lush vegetation, bamboo furnishing, and batik art and tapestry.

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  • Welcome each day on spacious balconies and enjoy spectacular garden and ocean views as you sip Jamaican coffee and taste mouthwatering goodies from the bakerís basket.

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  • Dine outdoors under the stars, feast on the catch of the day or enjoy being surprised by our chefís creations.
  • Spend the warm days lounging by the pool or beach, or be rocked to sleep in an outdoor hammock and then meet new friends for cocktails before dinner.

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  • Indulge in relaxing massages with the ocean as backdrop providing the perfect background music.

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  • Sit shoulder to shoulder looking out on the pond while enjoying nature at its best and reminisce about the good times.

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To help you experience our Caribbean all inclusive beach resort and itís peaceful, pleasant Caribbean breeze, the sounds of the waves lapping the beach or the sweet smell of plu1`meria in the air, head over to our Pinterest page for some Caribbean style inspiration.