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10 Gift Ideas for Celebrating Your First Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries signify the day in which you commit to a life full of happiness with one another and express to your spouse that you want to celebrate the memory of saying, “I do.” Anniversaries are also a great way to show that even during troubling times you can still find ways to show that you are grateful for each other and the time you spend together.

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Traditionally, the first anniversary gift used to be paper and whilst the first anniversary is special, ensure you find a suitable gift while remembering that the most important gift you can give your spouse is the love in your heart. In addition to that, why not always consider some creative gift ideas from Couples Resorts to make your first anniversary one to remember.

  1. A Second Honeymoon. Going away on another honeymoon is an excellent way to celebrate your first anniversary. You could also consider returning to your honeymoon destination or try somewhere new for your romantic getaways. This will give you some time alone with your other half.
  2. Consider something more private. Imagine a private dinner on a starry night by the beach, from a select menu with your own personalized chef. Use the time to relax and enjoy a different atmosphere that will make you remember all of the good things that you have in your relationship and your life.

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  3. A Love Letter. Why not be creative and write a love letter from the heart. To make it even more special be sure to contact Randymon, Couples Resorts Chief Romance Office, on Couples Resorts’ Message Board. He will personally read it for you while expressing to her your deepest thoughts.
  4. Fine Dining Restaurant. The first thought that comes to mind for a romantic wedding anniversary celebration is to go to a fine dining restaurant. It may sound simple, but it has lots of advantages. Visiting a quiet and romantic restaurant while on your all inclusive trips will give you a chance to get away from your problems and discuss different things while rekindling that flame, and not worrying about the bill.
  5. Cruise Ride. Enjoy a romantic boat ride and listen to the sounds of the calm waters of the Caribbean Ocean at any of our four resorts. Our sunset cruises are a perfect way to conclude an already relaxing day in paradise. With champagne in hand and a smiling crew, how could you not feel relaxed? Day time cruises are also available; just visit our watersports department for details.
  6. Jewelry. They say, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, so why not visit the hotels jewelry store or take a ride into town on one of our included shopping trips and buy the lady some gold or pearls for year one.

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  7. Flowers. Orange Blossom or Pansys are ideal. A pansy means that the recipient is being thought about and orange blossom signifies purity, innocence, eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness, and fertility. If vacationing at a resort the concierge desk can arrange delivery for you.

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  8. Sticking to paper tradition. Organize a paper treasure hunt for your spouse. Leave clues throughout the house or hotel room that eventually leads to a romantic location with scented candles to create that perfect moment. Don’t forget to include rose petals along with your paper clues.
  9. Plan a movie night. Get some movie tickets to spend a night out or watch your wedding DVD all over again to spark a loving memory. If you’re an excellent chef, prepare a delectable meal for your loved one that is reminds you both of the dinner shared on your wedding night.
  10. Picture Frame. Purchase a beautiful, picture frame and include a photo of both of you in it. Pick up some stationary from your local arts and crafts store to personalize the frame.

Now that you have a list full of ideas in which you can celebrate your first Anniversary in a special way, which one will you go with? Let us hear in the comment section!