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  1. Thread: CSA review

    by jimmyo56
    4,751 depressing. Sucks to hear that an... depressing. Sucks to hear that an experience in paradise can be so bad. You must have pretty high expectations. Sounds like someone must have been in a bad mood:( Its ok.. you're entitled...
  2. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the advice. Is...

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for the advice. Is there anything I can do prior to getting there ie. restaurant reservations, excursion reservations? I attempted to set up a private transfer from one...
  3. Going to CTI and CSA on June 1st!!! We are first timers! What do we need to know?

    We are so excited for our honeymoon! We leave June 9th for 4 nights at CTI and 4 nights at CSA. We are curious what things we should know before we go at this time of year. We are staying in a Ocean...
  4. Thread: CTI or CSA??

    by jimmyo56

    Going to CSA and CTI on June 1st!

    Ever thought of splitting your trip? We are staying at CTI for four nights and then CSA for four nights. That way we get the best of both!!!
  5. We need help! CTI vs CSA or both???? We are desperate!


    We are Jimmy and Dena Holden from Fort Lewis, WA and are planning on taking our belated honeymoon in July of 2010! We are so excited, and for the life of us, CANNOT decide between CTI or CSA...
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