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  1. Kindle

    I love my kindle and have had it for 2 years. I once had a problem and they sent me a new one the next day, no charge. Tons of books, free books, and now solitaire and other games. It's the best.
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    I agree the wine is pretty bad. The Frontera is at least drinkable and does come in a sauvignon blanc. Unfortunately, you have to ask for Frontera and be persistent as the other brand of wine is far...
  3. You will love it

    We've been waiting to hear where we were going, finally heard CTI today. We were there last year, loved the island, loved everything. Can't wait till Sunday!
  4. No reason not to love!

    We loved it last year. Great staff,food and people. What's not to like?
  5. we still don't know where we're going - leave Sunday

    I'm not sure why, but we still don't know if it's CSS or CTI. We went to CTI last year (not a secret rendezvous trip) and loved it, but would like to know where we 're going next week.
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    Island dock

    We'll be arriving 1/23 (unless we get sent to CSS - won't know till Sunday) and are hoping the dock will be finished, drinks and water in place.
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    CTI Island still closed?

    We arrive 1/23, will the Island be open by then? (we think we will, won't know till we hear from Couples whether it's CTI or CSS.)
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    meet up

    We'll be there 1/23 -30 (unless we get sent to CSS - we won't know for a week). Not first timers though.
  9. Devastated by loss of blue dice!

    So sorry to hear the dice did not survive. We will have to muddle along somehow until new blue dice can be found.
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