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  1. Love the new look

    Congratulations from Chicago. We love the new look and we will go through the pages to see all of the changes. We are looking forward to CSS November 2011 and CSA Novmeber, 2012. Best wishes:cool:
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    Couples Sans Souci Nov 13 - 20th

    We are from the Chicago area and are going back to CSS for our fourth time. We just love the place and the people. We will be at both the textile beach and AN. Looking forward to meeting new...
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    Weather at CSS

    We go to Couples Sans Souci every November. Usually the second week of the month. In four years, we have had only 1/2 day of rain, and that was caused by bad weather the day before we arrived. ...
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    Couples Sans Souci November 13th - 20th

    We will be there, scars and all, November 13 - 20th for our fourth visit to Couples Sans Souci. All are welcome!
    Doug and Patti
  5. We do both

    Chicago winters are brutal, so we go to Couples in November and then a Royal Caribbean Cruise in late January/early February for my wifes birthday. We have stayed multiple times at Couples San...
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