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  1. Looking at the forecast for next week 2-16 to 2-20 at CTI - too windy?

    Looks like 15-20 mph winds Monday thru Friday. Is that enough for a red flag? For the people who have been there multiple time is that too much wind or can we expect to get out to the island?
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    Heading down to CTI on Sunday. Celebrating our...

    Heading down to CTI on Sunday. Celebrating our 29th anniversary, 2nd honeymoon, and 1st anniversary as empty nesters!

    Our first honeymoon we went skydiving. Our 2nd we're going AN at the...
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    Wife and I will be here on the 16! Can't wait. ...

    Wife and I will be here on the 16! Can't wait. Coming from Michigan and will be celebrating 29 years together. Might even try the island lol
  4. Is there a significant difference in the wind/weather between Jan/Feb/early March?

    Looked back a couple of pages and didn't see anything that was already posted.

    We are planning either a trip to CTI right after 2014 New Year's, but will consider anything up to the 2nd week of...
  5. What is the average age at the AN area at CTI?

    We watched the promo video for Couples Resorts and everyone was in their 20's on what seemed to be their honeymoon. While I know a lot of that is just advertising, I also want to feel comfortable in...
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