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  1. Just got back yesterday, the only difference on...

    Just got back yesterday, the only difference on the flight was that our bags were searched after security, before boarding the plan in Montego Bay. Nothing else was different, and we flew out of San...
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    I can help you...

    I'm just finishing up the week as the visiting fitness instructor at CSA, so I can tell you what it was this week, although it's always subject to change.

    Spinning is offered Monday, Wed., and...
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    How much cash do we need as CSA?

    We're coming in for 10 days, 2 of which is not at the resort, but in the city. How much cash do we need to bring with us? Planning to do a little shopping and will have to eat, etc. for the two...
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    CSA Questions from a newbie!

    Hello there! I'm heading to CSA Jan 3-9th, and we can't wait! I have a few questions that I can't find, I've looked all through the website and the boards!

    1) I read that we have to make...
  5. Coming to CSA Jan 4-9th? Come get a workout!!!

    Hello everyone! My name is Shanna and I am going to be the visiting Fitness Instructor at CSA January 4th-9th! I'll be teaching a great spinning and bodysculpting class, along with abs and whatever...
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