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  1. What time does fitness center open at CSA and CN?

    We'll be staying at both CSA and CN on our upcoming trip. I'm just wondering what time the fitness center opens at the resorts. Or are they open 24/7? I need to get in a little exercise before I...
  2. What nights does CN have the cat cruise?

    I was looking at the activities list for CN and it said the Cat Cruise was on Monday and Thursday. It did say though that activities were subject to change. I'm just wondering if those days are still...
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    Don't worry Blondie, I won't beat you up!;) Thats...

    Don't worry Blondie, I won't beat you up!;) Thats why I asked the question, to be honest I would be surprised to be eligible after only 3 days at CSA. I guess when we get to CN I'll let them know we...
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    Romance Rewards- is this right?

    Hi everyone!
    This is my first post, though I have been lurking for a few weeks. Thanks so much for all the info I've receieved by lurking!

    I just signed up for the Romance Rewards program and...
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