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  1. Couples - May 16th - 25th: Which Resort to Choose?

    We've been to TI and SS...thinking about maybe heading down to Negril as everyone says the beaches are amazing, however it's a little more expensive. Wondering if I wanna spend the extra money for...
  2. Martini Bar @ CSS ---- Is it OPEN YET?

    Read a couple of threads, but nothing confirmed.

    Feedback about the bar as well if you have been since it's opened.
  3. You can go to OR you can check...

    You can go to OR you can check the arrivals for the Montego Bay Airports website

    I'm looking @ yesterday's schedule and there is only US flights inbound from 12pm - 1pm.

  4. Landing Sunday - Feb 2nd @ 12:30 --- FEEDBACK NEEDED

    Looks to be approx 5 planes ahead of us and stacked up behind us as well.

    Anyone have experience for Sunday arrivals @ Montego?
    Only have to book 48 hours in adv for MoBay, so have plenty of time...
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    Feb 2-9th here!

    Feb 2-9th here!
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    that's what i'm talking about! Finally someone...

    that's what i'm talking about!

    Finally someone gonna be there @ sb sunday!

    If you look @ the boards, everyone seems to be arriving the following week.

    Gonna be a good time!
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    SuperBowl Sunday - Feb 2nd

    Hope to see our Carolina Panthers in the SuperBowl!

    Who else is gonna be around for SuperBowl Sunday?
    Should be a blast!
  8. Good lord, you could have just said "perceived...

    Good lord, you could have just said "perceived value" and I would have fully understood. I also fully understand YOU feel strongly about wanting the extra VIP treatment.

    Thanks again for the...
  9. Not to mention, I doubt I would travel to Jamaica...

    Not to mention, I doubt I would travel to Jamaica is it cost me $5000-$7000 --- you must be coming from the other side of the pond, huh?
    Never costs us more than $3500 or so ($1000 less if after...
  10. I had no intentions of being cheap - I have...

    I had no intentions of being cheap - I have several months in advance to decide, so I asked the question. And what the hell does SO mean? I'm assuming it's my wife your talking about...who knows.
  11. Club Mobay - Sun, Feb 2nd Arrival @ 12:30pm --- THOUGHTS?

    I know there are alot of thread about this, but cannot find the answer I'm looking for our upcoming trip in February.

    We've been to the Montego Airport maybe 3 or 4 times and never an issue...but...
  12. CSS - Feb 2nd thru Feb 9th -----> SuperBowl and Other Questions

    My wife and I will be traveling to CSS on Feb 2nd (Superbowl Sunday) and getting in around NOON.

    I've ready a few threads about CSS and other Couples Resorts doing something for SuperBowl. Anyone...
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    Randymon???? Do you know?

    Randymon, can you answer my question in regards to the TV's???
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    CTI Televisions??? Watch a game???

    Are there any TV's in other parts of the hotel/resort where you can have a drink and watch a game? NBA playoffs are gonna be starting and I want to watch my team @ night...any chance they have TV's...
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    landing @ 10am --- be over @ CTI by 1pm

    landing @ 10am --- be over @ CTI by 1pm
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    CTI April 17th - 23rd

    Traveling from Charlotte! Who's in for a good time this week?
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