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  1. CTI newbies honeymoon 4/8/12 - advice on making the most of it?

    OK, so my wife of a year and I finally get to take our honeymoon, and after way too much time searching, we found CTI (I found, she still has no idea where we are going) - so, since I chose the...
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    CTI deluxe ocean view room - tub?

    So, I'm getting blurry-eyed looking through posts trying to find this answer, and an email to CTI yielded no answer - can anyone tell me if deluxe ocean view room has a bathtub for soaking?
  3. CTI april 8 through 15 - Hack golf, anyone?

    Going to be at CTI for a week and bringing the clubs - I'm not much of a golfer, but enjoy it, and my wife is hesitant to join me because she says she "sucks!" She's worried about slowing anyone...
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