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  1. Has anyone ever got CSA or CN for the Secret Rendezvous?

    I have been on this board for years and heard many stories from people about the Secret Rendezvous, but I have never heard of anyone getting CSA or CN for their choice. It always seems to be CSS or...
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    I dont know...

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the rooms at CSS are very bright colors...bright whites, bright blues...the floors are ceramic tiles like, and the furniture in the rooms seems very...
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    Of course everyone has their own opinion based on what they prefer or what appeals to them on vacation, but if you were to look at it objectively, I think even Couples knows the order of their...
  4. Thread: Red Bull

    by couples_rules

    They do sell Red Bull but....

    If you want to use it to make Jagerbombs, then you need to bring your own bottle of Jagermeister. They do not sell or have Jager in Jamaica, and the wife and I learned this the hard way.
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    You will love it!

    We have been here a few times and (and we are in our late 20's) and always got the Oceanview room because we were scared of the Garden rooms and the next to the road thing. Well if you have an Atrium...
  6. Where are the Top 10 Valentines Day stories to vote on?

    Are the Top 10 going to be on this message board or do we go somewhere else to read them?
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    Our trip to Couples....again!

    These are from our recent trip back to Couples Swept Away for the 3rd time!

    1. Get up, Have a drink, open the laptop, and read the Couples message board on our porch!
    2.The view from our porch!...
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    Pictures from Couples Swept Away, where our best friend asked his girl to marry him!!

    1. Midnight on CSA beach, he has dinner with her, and this is the live shot of him proposing to her!!!! Notice the 'Will you marry me' watermelon on the table.
    2. My beautiful wife at the Rose...
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    Yup, plenty of time!!!

    We went to Couples Swept Away for 8 days for our honeymoon and we got to do everything Couples offers (snorkeling, scuba, Catamarran cruise twice, visited all 5 restaurants, walked the beach and...
  10. Also...

    I notice that there is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for October and for Septemeber, when you click on each 1st place picture it says that they each won a 3 night stay. I thought the contest was bi-monthly? Is...
  11. I have a question. We have been to couples twice...

    I have a question. We have been to couples twice already and will be there a 3rd time in a few weeks. We were there in 2006 and in 2008. My question is that for this months photo contest, Can we post...
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