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    We just got back from CSA and where do I begin....

    We just got back from CSA and where do I begin. We made so many new friends at CSA. The employees at CSA are absolutely so incredible we feel that we have made some life long friends. There are too...
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    Packed and Ready to GO!!!

    My wife and I are packed and ready to go. We fly out early tomorrow morning and should be sitting on the beach by noon. Although the forcast is for rain we are both very excited and look forward to...
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    We Are Also First Time Visitors

    My wife and I are also going to be there from 08/21-08/27. This is our first time going to Jamaica on vacation. I have been to Kingston before on business. We are looking forward to meeting some new...
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    Counting Down The Days!

    We are both from Apex, NC. We will be there August 21-27th. This will be our first trip to Couples. We saw all of the fellow Missourians going and thought that was awesome since we lived in Columbia...
  5. Anyone Going To CSA around August 21-27th 2011?

    My wife and I are going to CSA for the very first time on August 21-27, 2011. We have never gone on an A/I trip like this before and would like to meet some nice couples who may be there on vacation...
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