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    CSA in 4 days! Last minute questions.

    Looking forward to our first trip to CSA and the island! A couple of last second questions:

    1) Is there anywhere to do some fishing? (Onshore or off)

    2) Do we need to pack any warm clothes for...
  2. Signing up for Romance Rewards... Booked thru Travel Agent

    How do I get our trip signed up for Romance Rewards if I booked through a travel agent? I made an account, but I want to be able to do the early check-in so I need my trip to be added to my account....
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    My future wife & I purchased some cheap...

    My future wife & I purchased some cheap look-a-likes to take with us when we travel. Her ring has diamonds that have been passed down for generations and we are not willing to travel with that risk.
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    1st time honeymoorners at CSA

    Just booked our honeymoon at CSA (March 10-16)!!! We just wanted to get some feed back from people who have been there before. We are both going to be 24 years-old and we are a very active couple. We...
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