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    The tennis is why we will be back at CSA mid Nov....

    The tennis is why we will be back at CSA mid Nov.

    6/7 courts so u know there are going to be like minded people there.

    my wife & I row too much playing tennis together but it's always easy to...
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    Congrats to u both punk rock

    Remembers guys & gals the English language is wide & varied & completely different in some of the phrases that us Brits will use. The previous poster was using an English expression for 'programme'...
  3. How to get to kingston airport from CSA negril for flight home to UK?

    I appreciate that MBJ is closest to Negril but on this trip to Jamaica I couldn't resist the BA club sale & got our flights to Kingston for a steal. British Airways sleeper seats for essentially the...
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    Anne & Steve from the UK arriving nov 15 thru nov 24

    We are tennis players & also love the scuba diving. Our 2nd visit back & can't wait. I just love that beach, the sunsets & the general vibe of the place.... 21 weeks to go, why am I wishing my...
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    Kingston Transfer

    I know, I know, book your flight via MBJ.

    BUT BUT BA have a great Club Sale to Kingston at the moment. The same price in Club 75" Sleeper Seats to Kingston as essentially Premium Econony 38"...
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    Tips or small gifts

    I appreciate that there is a no tipping rule at Couples resorts which as a Brit I understand that service is included within the holiday price.

    However when we receive good service we like to at...
  7. Thanks everybody for your valuable input. I've...

    Thanks everybody for your valuable input. I've been really busy at work but have sent my travel agent / Couples UK sales office a mail tonight asking about the building activities in the ocean...
  8. CSA & MBJ, Tennis, Snorkelling, & the Construction Activities questions

    Anne (she who must be obeyed) & I (Steve) are visiting CSA for our first time arriving mid November for 9 nights. Not long now!

    Can I ask some questions?

    a) The Virgin flight from London gets...
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