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  1. Is it better to buy packages before hand on in CSA??

    We are going to CSA July 26 and would like to know if we should buy ex.. spa packages...water sports and such before we get there? is there a price difference? Is there a way to pay less? We are...
  2. Is it cheaper to buy snorkeling, spa packages and CSA ?

    I want to purchase spa packages...horseback....or whatever else we are interested in now! But, I want to know if we would save more buying it once we arrive!? We will be at the CSA beachfront...
  3. All I can say is Thank You!!! Love it!!

    All I can say is Thank You!!! Love it!!
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    Young Couples Going July 26

    We are 29 and 35 honeymoon couple flying in on July 26 for a few days! Any other couples from NYC; Brookyln, Queens, California... anywhere looking to meet up and just chill? Nothing just...
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    Younger couples on our way

    We are 29 and 35 we will be there starting July 26!! So where is everyone from and the reason everyone is going? Us honeymoon..!
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