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    Couples December Photo Contest Entries

    These are from our annual July 4th anniversary vacation to Couples Tower Isle . . . We decided to have a custom mural of the island done in tile for us by local artisians. Now we have a daily...
  2. Anniversary Couple Oct Photo Contest

    We have spent every wedding anniversary (July 4th --- I promised anniversary "fireworks" for the rest of her life!) at COR/CTI except 2008 when it was closed for renovation . . . So this year we...
  3. September Photo Contest - July 4th Anniversary at CTI


    Well, the grout is just curing, but we finally got our Tower Isle tile mural installed in our kitchen (just finished yesterday)! Now, we have our favorite anniversay view every day...
  4. Tower Isle Tiles (continued)

    Here are a couple of pix of the artisans with the "creative inspiration" (my lovely wife) for the Tower Isle tiles mural we had done in July this year during our 5th anniversary vacation to CTI.
  5. Tower Isle Tiles

    We came to Couples Ocho Rios (CTI) for our first anniversary (July 4th, 2005) & have been back to our favorite romance destination every year since (except '08 of course). This year we met one of...
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