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    CTI not so lush, but scores BIG with us in other areas!

    We've been to CTI and CSS--the vegetation at CSS is unbelievable, as you know. On a scale of 1-10, where CSS is a 10 in lushness, CTI is maybe a 4.5. But I hope that doesn't deter you from going! We...
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    Zip line is super fun!

    Definitely do the 'Falls', but if you're not horrified of heights, the zip line is so much fun!
  3. CTI v. CSS

    We're heading back to CTI for the third time (March 14-21). The last time we were in Jamaica, we spent 7 days at CTI, 3 at CSS.

    The grounds and landscaping at CSS are beautiful, but you are going...
  4. Thread: Tower Island

    by Chel&Matt

    The Ocean is Plenty Big... ;)

    We're heading back to CTI for the third time! There is a small beachfront area on the resort side of the island--where the boat drops you off. You can wade out into the water and people snorkel...
  5. School Supplies - March 14 trip to CTI

    We are bringing school supplies (pencils, rulers, flash cards) and toothbrushes. We have a friend in Jamaica who works with a childrens charity and we'll be leaving all the goodies with her. If there...
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