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  1. Thanks much for the responses! Will definitely...

    Thanks much for the responses!

    Will definitely check out the calling cards when we get there. We also loaded Skype on the home Mac computer last night, her laptop, & the Ipod touches. Very cool,...
  2. Inexpensive way to send/receive calls from home?

    Getting ready to leave for CSA next week and have a question about inexpensive ways to send/receive calls from home in case of emergency. We have Verizon cell phones and when I called today to see...
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    Dolphin Cove Negril?

    The wife and I will be taking our first trip to Jamaica next June 2011 and will be staying at CN. A must do for the better half is to swim with the Dolphins. Is the Dolphin Cove at Negril open yet?...
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    Dolphin Cove Negril?

    Planning our first trip to CN in June 2011. Better half is wanting to swim with the dolphins. Can't find much info on the new Dolphin Cove Negril...was it opened in August like they were talking...
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