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    Witnesses for wedding - Sept. 2

    Getting married at Couples Negril at 10:00 on September 2, 2010...also my Birthday! We'll be looking for witnesses once we arrive on Aug. 30...Let us know if you will be around that week.
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    I'm worried about that also. I would like to...

    I'm worried about that also. I would like to change everything over to my name and do not want any problems. Is the document they issue not enough??? Need to know soon!!
  3. Wedding Date Change

    Correction....Shawn and I are getting married on my birthday! September 2, 2010!!!! Can't wait!!
  4. September 1, 2010 Wedding at Couples Negril!

    Hello, we are so excited to be getting married on the 1st day of September at Couples Negril....anyone else getting married that week??
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