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    2 questions about CSA in february

    We will be at CSA the last week of February and can not wait!! I was wondering how cool does it gets at night once the sun goes down? Also, our departing flight from MOBAY leaves at 2:59, does...
  2. what days do cruise ships arrive in Ocho Rios???

    My husband and I are staying at CTI in Sept. We are wondering what days cruise ships are at port in Ocho Rios so we can plan our Dunn's Rivers Tour around those days!! Thank you!!
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    The CTI beach situation???

    I keep reading in other reviews that the beach at CTI is a mess!! I totally inderstand how the beach can recede away but then I also read, that there is about 2 feet of black stuff you have to wade...
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    My husband and I got married this past Sept at...

    My husband and I got married this past Sept at CSA and used the videographer. I don't have a link to it and currently a family member out of town has it. I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned...
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