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    14 more days until home again at CSA

    We can not wait to be home again. Our 2nd visit to CSA. All those great memories from September 2009 are surfacing again and smothering us with that warm ,happy, and no problem feelings. A very...
  2. Here we come, Our 2nd vacation to CSA the Week of 9/4-9/11/2010

    :):) Here we come again, We can not wait for our 2nd vacation to CSA.Only 18 more days to go.:D We are so ready to be home again. Would like to know who else will be there then.
  3. Finally only 6 more days until we will be at CSA

    We are almost there:) Finally 6 more days and we will be arriving at CSA on 9/19 for our 38 th Anniversary. A dream vacation we have waited for all these years. ;)
    We are wondering who else we will...
  4. Would anyone recommend taking the Couples Private Transfer

    We are so excited:D about Leaving in 20 Days for CSA, celebrating our 38 th Anniversary. One special option we have been considering is taking the Couples PRIVATE TRANSFER:confused: from the MJB ...
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    Us too 9/19-9/26

    We (Patrick and Gail) will also be visiting CSA for the 1st time on 9/19-9/26 to celebrate our 38th Anniversary:) We are counting the days ( 28). We are soooo excited after all these happily married...
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