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  1. love letter reading

    My Fiance and I will be at couples negril 04-the 11th we will be getting married on the 06th at 10 am. Whith that said I would like to find out more information about having a reading for my husband...
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    Any weddings early November 2010

    Hello out there,
    B and I are getting married at CN on November 6th 2010.Is there anyone else out there who would be willing to record the ceremony for us. It is only about 10 -20 minutes long but...
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    Thania & B CN November 6

    B and I are finally getting married. Has anyone else gotten married in November? What was the weather like? Anyone looking into an outside photographer?
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    Do we get 2 massages each?

    I am getting married at CN in November and was wondering the same thing. I hope someone replies to the post.
  5. weddings

    I am so glad you guys asked the question...I am also getting married at couples and was wondering the exact same thing.
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