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  1. Thanks to all of you who responded in a polite...

    Thanks to all of you who responded in a polite manner. For the SNARKY comment crowd, that's why I put the post on here instead of just doing it! You should appreciate that I respect couples enough to...
  2. Is it inappropriate for us to bring our 2 adult daughters to Couples

    My wife and I have been to CSA twice now, and we absolutely adore it. We have 2 adult daughters, 21 and 23. Would it be inappropriate for us to bring them to CSA with us? They are very responsible,...
  3. Help, need the Caramel Kiss drink recipe from CSA

    Hey, just got back from CSA. Forgot to write down the ingredients of the caramel kiss drink from the beach bar. Want to re-create this drink for my daughters college graduation party. Thanks for any...
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    How from Bridgetown Airport to couples?

    We have used Timair to get to CSA, it is a fabulous flight, saved us a bunch of time getting to the resort. Is their a similar service in Barbados? Or if not, how long is the shuttle ride from the...
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    Sea creatures in the sand at CSA

    This may sound strange, but I have a phobia about walking barefoot in the water. Are their stingrays? Do you have to shuffle your feet to avoid them? I have been in several oceans, Gulf of Mexico,...
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    Lobster night

    We arrive at CSA on March 28, the very end of lobster season. I understand that lobster night is Saturday, do you think their will be a lobster night Finale? Are lobsters plentiful in Jamaica? We...
  7. Thursday busy? 99% sure on taking timair to CSA

    Are the immigration and customs lines shorter mid-week? We arrive and depart on Thursday. We have family members that rave about timair...12 minutes to Negril!! Can't beat that.. only $225 for 2 of...
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    Are non-smoking rooms available at CSA?

    We are non- smokers, just wondering if the rooms at CSA allow people to smoke in them? If so, does the resort have non-smoking rooms? I don't have a problem with smokers, but have been in situations...
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    Celebrity sightings at CSA?

    Has anyone had a celebrity encounter at CSA? We are booked for the end of March! Seems like it might be a hassle if someone well known was there? Or does everybody leave each couple too themselves?...
  10. This will be our first trip to Couples SWA. I...

    This will be our first trip to Couples SWA. I booked everything through the Couples website. It was very straight forward and simple. Once you have completed the booking, you will get a confirmation....
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    That's crazy. We got round trip from Indianapolis...

    That's crazy. We got round trip from Indianapolis to Mo-Bay. $550 each. A lot more miles to fly than from Miami. Try U.S. Air or Airtran.
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    Tipping questions for first timer

    Coming to CSA in March. I have read that tipping is not required, but see that some people do tip maids, bartenders anyhow. I like to take care of those that take good acre of us. What is a...
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