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    Thanks everyone!! What time would you suggest we...

    Thanks everyone!! What time would you suggest we go for dinner??
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    Private dinner on the island at CTI?

    Hi. I was hoping that someone could help me. I've read that you can have a private dinner on the island at CTI?? I would love some details about it, like can I set it up before we go since we will...
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    Hair braids and wraps at CTI?

    Just wondering if anybodys knows if anyone, like local vendors, do any hair braiding or those hair wraps?? By hair wraps I mean they use that thick thread and wrap it around a chunk of your hair and...
  4. Which Couples Resort has the best au natural beach area?? Please help!!

    We are wanting to go back to a Couples Resort in March...but can't decide which one to pick. This past March we ended up at Tower Isle. We really loved it, but we are considering going somewhere...
  5. Sans Souci: Which rooms types have a jacuzzi??

    Please somebody help!!! I am thinking about choosing San Souci for our vacation early next year, but don't know which rooms have the jacuzzi tubs. I am thinking that the Penthouse suite would be...
  6. Charter fight to CTI on March 23rd? Anyone?

    We are flying into MBJ at 2:24pm on March 23rd. Just wondering if anyone wants to join up and split the cost of a flight??
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    Dress Code CTI and Flight to CTI

    I'm just curious as to how strict the dress code is for the restaurants. It says no tank tops for the females, but what if it is a really nice one that you'd wear with black pants and/or capris? ...
  8. Tower Isle One bedroom suites, both shower and jacuzzi?

    Just curious if the one bedroom suites at tower ile have both a shower and a jacuzzi??
  9. Anyone wanna fly from airport to Tower Isle March 23rd??

    Just looking for anyone that wants to fly to Tower Isle on March 23rd. Our plane arrives around 2pm and was just thinking if I could get some couples who were interested so that the flight would be...
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    Couples Tower Isle Rooms

    Just curious does the one bedroom suite have a jacuzzi and a shower? In the desriptions Ive read it says one or the other. Is that really the case? Also if it does have a jacuzzi, it it a decent...
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    Rooms with Jacuzzi's at Tower Isle

    Are the one bedroom suites the only rooms with jacuzzis? Also just curious it says in the room you get either the shower or jacuzzi? Is that the case? I want a jacuzzi but need a shower too? Are...
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