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    Thanks so much!!

    Just wanted to say Thank you as well to all that voted for our story. We may not have won, but 3 days in Jamaica is an outstanding prize and we are very grateful! AshnTommy, Congrats, hope you have a...
  2. Poll: Thank you so much!!

    Thanks for your kind words and votes concerning our story! It would be so amazing for us if we finished in the Top 3.

    Also, Thanks to Couples for selecting our story. You guys are simply the best!
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    Shout out to the entire staff!

    Everyone at CSA was always so wonderful to us! Thank you so much!
  4. Easy to do!

    CSA got my vote!
  5. Valentines Day 2006

    I want to share with you my most memorable Valentine's Day.
    Its a little long, but it was such an incredible day!

    It was Valentines Day of 2006, and it happened to fall on a Tuesday. I had...
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