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    June photo contest

    We had such a great time at CSS last month and are already planning our return!! The staff were one of the main reasons why Couples will always be at the top of our minds when we are thinking of...
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    Hey guys, We were in the same boat, we love...

    Hey guys,

    We were in the same boat, we love our wine and were wondering what we would be faced with when we got there. The house wines are ok, however the wine list is pretty extensive and good...
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    Hi there, When we were at CSS a few weeks ago...

    Hi there,

    When we were at CSS a few weeks ago there was sailing each and every day. Some days were really quite windy but the hobies never stopped leaving the beach.

    You should be just fine!
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    Swimming with the dolphins

    Hi there,

    We just returned from CSS and made time to swim with the dolphins. There are three different prices depending on how much interaction you choose to have with them. We chose the full swim...
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    Private Dinner

    We have just returned from CSS on Friday. On the Saturday night, we got dressed for dinner and were heading down to the non-reservation dinner restaurant. We walked the same path down which winds...
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    Air conditioning

    Hi There,

    We recently returned from CSS and yes - Casanova does have air conditioning if you sit inside. The Palazzina is the same case as well.

    Enjoy your time there!!! - We sure did!!
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    Jervis Gordon

    Hello All,

    To start we have to say that all of the staff at CSS were amazing. Not once did we find someone who was "in a bad mood" and not wearing an huge smile. The staff are one of the biggest...
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    Dolphin Cove / Horseback - Ocho Rios

    Hey All,

    We are 48 hours away from heading to CSS and getting more excited by the minute!! She has no idea that I have booked a private candle lit dinner in the wedding gazebo and I can barely...
  9. Thank-you very much!!

    Hi there,

    First of all I would like to thank-you very much for your review the more detail that people go into the better (in my opinion) We are about to embark on our first trip to CSS and have...
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the replies about the room!!...

    Hey guys, thanks for the replies about the room!! We are getting more and more excited by the day and starting to get giddy (hee hee)

    Does anyone have a good idea about the wine lists and if we...
  11. First timers to CSS - Can't wait!!!! Room selection and Wine list?

    Hey all we are first timers to couples and have to say that we are soooooooo excited to embark on our first adventure. From what we have read through the message board this is an experience that is...
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