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  1. Thread: Scuba - CTI

    by iluvtravel

    Scuba - CTI

    We are heading to CTI in August. My husband is a certified diver. I was wondering can you pre-register for dives before your arrive? How many do they take on the boat? Is their a chance he wont be...
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    CTI in the summer?

    Going to be at CTI in the beginning of August - anyone else been to Jamaica, and CTI in summer? Weather - what is the norm?
  3. I did it...I booked our first trip to Jamaica & to selected Couples...

    Hello. It was a very tough decision to choose our Jamaican Resort for this summer. I am a travel agent, too, and I found I kept changing my mind after viewing the possibilities on the Couples...
  4. Couples Negril please?

    Hi I love the look of all the Couples resorts! My hubby left it up to me to pick, but I'm more confused. He said he liked CN, but I think he is trying to help me because I'm feeling pressure to pick...
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