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  1. Thank You Jewel Box at Couples Sans Souci

    We thought we must record our thanks to Harry at the Jewel Box on site at Couples Sans Souci, for outstanding customer service. Hopefully this will help to put people’s minds at rest if they had any...
  2. Arrivals/Transfers Questions...From Kingston to CTI/CSS

    OK, it's nearly time - off to CTI in only 9 Days, 15 hours and 9 minutes (at the time of writing!) until take-off:cool:. As an habitual worrier, I still have some questions!

    1 - We are flying...
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    drbcwp - Many thanks, I've dropped you a separate...

    drbcwp - Many thanks, I've dropped you a separate email (and updated my email address in my profile - didn't realise it was missing!).

    Enjoy your time there and have a drink on us...:p
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    CSS/CTI Menus

    Only 53 sleeps to go and then we will be home (well, sort of, trying CTI for the first time, and back to the old haunt of CSS!).

    We were looking to see if the menus have changed, but the sample...
  5. Couples UK - Booking via Kenwood Travel

    Apologies for this VERY long post - meant to post it several weeks ago but just never seemed to get around to it...:o posting now but with a further update on why we book through the Couples...
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    Sooo glad everyone is OK, just our luck that the...

    Sooo glad everyone is OK, just our luck that the 2012 hurricane season had a sting in the tail - we return home next weekend. Now I know everyone is OK, I'm a little concerned about the recent...
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