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  1. New to CSS need advise re room with bath, steps etc. please!!!!

    Hi, My husband Roger and I will be at CSS from 10th May to 24th May, 2nd visit to Couples resort, we stayed in Couples Negril last May.
    We have booked an Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite, I now know it...
  2. Thread: CSS - May 2013

    by ladyeva

    Hi Kim & Jason. We are staying May 10th to May...

    Hi Kim & Jason. We are staying May 10th to May 24th. See you there. What room have you gone for, as we are wondering if we are to upgrade? We are in Deluze Verandah Suite at moment, but I love my...
  3. Thread: May 2013

    by ladyeva

    May 2013 first time Css

    Hi Debe & Jeff

    We are staying for first time at CSS from May 10th to May 24th... Bet you will be a beautiful colour by the time we arrive.
    We are not sure of what room to have at the moment have...
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