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  1. Awesome map!

    Chris, I finally got to refer back to this message and download the map-THANK YOU! This is EXACTLY what we were looking for!! And we WONT leave home without it! P.S it downloaded in seconds on my...
  2. LOL..and THANKS

    Thanks for all your responses--some had me literally laughing out loud! After spending nearlyu a decade in NYC (6 as a driver), I can totally picture the Jamaican way of driving--in fact I think...
  3. Thread: CN- Fishing?

    by OkieJess

    CN- Fishing?

    We are going to Negril for the first time and want to find info on fishing--not deep sea per say but sight fishing, casting, etc.....
  4. Expert Retuners: Getting Around Negril-- rentals, excursions, safety, favorite spots

    Hi everyone! We are going next weekend to CN for the 1st time for a wedding (staying 5 days 4 nights)and CAN'T WAIT! We want to get an overview of the area OUTSIDE the resort--we are 30-something...
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