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  1. You're right cuse, it is hard to try another...

    You're right cuse, it is hard to try another Couples resort. We were so glad that we waited it out and resisted the urge to just go back to CN! It's too bad we can't do two trips a year or a longer...
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    Is that "Honda" and his wife? If so, how'd those pics from the island turn out? lol Your wedding was beautiful!
  3. As requested CTI review that I posted on TA as well

    My husband and I traveled to CTI the first week of April for our anniversary and as a celebration of my masters degree. It was our 4th time to Jamaica (and Couples), and our first time to Ocho Rios...
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    CTI first week of April!

    Finally able to log in to the message board after changing my user name and password. We will be at CTI on our first Secret Rendevzous and first trip to a Couples other than CN. Can't wait to check...
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