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  1. Cost of golf

    considering that the actual fees are inclusive you should be expecting the following. clubs about $30 US for good clubs ie callaway, $10 for caddie, usually $10-$15 tip per bag. we usually buy our...
  2. We are golfers

    We will be at CTI from Jan 22-29th and are also golfers. We will be going out on Monday morning. We can meet up on the bus if you would like to join me and my husband.
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    Anyone Golfing at CTI soon?

    Is anyone going golfing at the Sandals course anytime soon? If possible could you check with caddy Vincent and see if he received the new golf shoes I sent him. It was a hole-in-one gift for our...
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    Most certainly a challenge especially if the wind...

    Most certainly a challenge especially if the wind is blowing. Course conditions change with time of year your attend. Remember that you are on vacation, green fees are included, it's certainly a...
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