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    Couples Merchandise Availability

    Can anybody help/guide us?

    On October 28th, we are returning to CSA for our 6th visit in the last 5 years. In the Spring we were at CTI whereas the previous visits have been to CSA in October of...
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    Thanks for the Update, Guys

    I know we were all a little concerned after the trip last November, especially with you guys having a special trip planned for this November. Great relief to see the situation we experienced was due...
  3. Looking forward to our 5th trip to CSA in October/November

    As much as we really enjoy our time with friends each year at CSA, we want to express a feeling of unease about our upcoming trip this year.

    We having been visiting CSA for the last 4 years,...
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    Not a Problem

    Firstly, let us tell you that we are travelling down to CSA on Oct 30 for 11 days, so obviously we have few concernes about the weather. This will be our 4th October visit in four years, nd yes, you...
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