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    weather in negril now

    So I know the weather always calls for some rain but when I'm in Jamaica around this time its always beautiful!
    I am leaving Saturday for CSA for the third time and checked the weather for fun and...
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    It's not that I think there is anything wrong...

    It's not that I think there is anything wrong with them... I was just saying compared to the newer bathrooms at the rest of the resorts they are somewhat boring.. even the garden suites at Couples...
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    CSA verandah room bathrooms

    While I love the Verandah rooms at CSA the bathrooms are a bit dated : (. It seems like all the other resorts have had great bathroom renovations but these rooms are still lacking.

    Not that the...
  4. I would personally stick with The Beachfront...

    I would personally stick with The Beachfront Verandah suite. I don't love the Great House as it has more of a hotel feel and it's further from the beach. Unless you absolutely love indoor jacuzzi...
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