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    When should we arrive for the wedding?

    So we are going to CSA in October and are getting married October 7th 2010. I know we are supposed to be in jamaica for 2 days for us to legally marry. So should we arrive on the 5th or the 4th? Its...
  2. Hey there, have you heard of Digital Memories? I...

    Hey there, have you heard of Digital Memories? I heard Diana Campbell is a good photographer that many people are using for their wedding or vow renuals. I'm not sure where she travels for pictures,...
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    A few questions... CSA

    Well i've been doing tons of research on the MB and found it very helpful! First off my fiance and I are getting married at CSA in October 2010! Wow, yeah a long time away!:( Anyways we just have a...
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