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    Default Make up and Hair CSA

    Hi there I am getting married at CSA on 10th July , could anybody tell me what the hair salon and make up is like at CSA?? Any help would be massively appreciated. Many thanks becky

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    We did a vow renewal a year ago already and the salon did my hair and make up. They are very experienced ladies. I had Carly whose been doing wedding hair and makeup for more than 20 years at couples and the S resort. The salon and spa are very nice and Carly picked a flower for my hair without me even asking for it.
    You don't want to go heavy on makeup as you'll sweat some depending on humidity. I had sweat rolling down my face at 11 am ! Also I would suggest an updo. If you'd like a couple of shots, email me at They do a great job and they are real pros!

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    Yeah dear, this is a fantastic salon. The staff is highly experienced. I hired them for my wedding makeup and hairstyle. They did really good job. Now I visit only this salon. Now I am thinking to buy a good dryer so I am going to ask them for the suggestions for best hair dryers.

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    Hi Becky, I am getting married at CSA on July 11th!! I will probably run into you! I was wondering about hair and makeup as well, so I am glad you asked that question.

    Would it be wise to maybe bring a photo of the hair style that we wish to have? I'm sure the ladies at the salon can do almost anything.

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    Yes bring pictures, they are very good!

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    Guys I'm having hair style tips but all are like for straight hairs to just let it open. Guys as I'm having some skin related issues, suggest something for those which I'll not be covering by makeup. I had heard about massaging those parts and those issues like cellulite or scars are reducing, but still they are covered by makeup because they are not completely vanished as I'd started massaging few weeks ago only. For you all guys, if you are willing to start, just start early.

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