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    Default CTI Review-Awesome

    Quick background info. My wife and I were married on July 31st and left for our honeymoon on August 1st. This was the first time out of the country for both of us and our first all-inclusive. Our vacations always took place in Florida. I am 25 and my wife is 23.
    Our travel day was somewhat of a disaster but this had nothing to do with Couples. Our first flight was suppose to be out of Lexington, KY at 7:15am. Needless to say we got very little sleep the night before. Show up at the airport and our flight was cancelled. If we want to get to Jamaica that day we have to haul a$$ to Louisville to catch a flight. Luckily her dad could drive us. This put us behind two hours. Our layover was in Charlotte and when we landed we had to run to catch our next flight. Didn't have time to eat anything. As we are on the plane the take-off was delayed 30 minutes. We were supposed to land in Jamaica 11:45 local time. We don't land until 1:45 if I remember correctly. Immigration was a headache. I had read that depending on when you get there it should take 15-45 minutes. It took us almost 1 1/2 hrs. A woman said it was because it was independence day/week in Jamaica. We were lucky because if we hadn't gotten there when we did it probably would have taken more than 2 hrs because when we got thru the line was up the ramp. Finally get to the Couples Lounge and get a Red Stripe. We were there long enough to use the bathroom and get a drink and were on or way to the shuttle. There was a huge storm that hit that actually took out electricity for a few seconds. It was a monsoon when we got to the door. By the time we loaded the bus it had stopped. They do drive different and it was hard to get used to. Aggresive is the best word to describe it. It took us just under two hours with a stop at the other Couples Resort to drop people off. Driver didn't talk much which was a little bit of a disappointment as we needed some interaction to keep us awake from the long day.
    It was very simple, Byron greeted us and gave us our rum punch. Within twenty minutes we were on our way up to our room.
    We got the Ocean Jr. Suite. Huge room with big bathroom. Great balcony view overlooking the main pool. Being honest probably won't get that room again unless money is no longer an issue. We barely used the minibar. I would drink the beers when getting ready to go eat dinner and we would get two glasses of wine for the wife and place the extra in the fridge which was convenient. I ordered a bottle of rum and vodka and only used each once and that was because i paid the extra money and wanted to try and get my money's worth. As hard as this my be to believe the wife and I NEVER used the jacuzzi. We are still kicking ourselves for not but we would fall asleep before we used it every night. Got our complimentary champagne and cheese which was great. They even gave it to us another day without asking. Room was always clean when we came up in the afternoon.
    Beach was great. Was small but we knew that going into it. Never felt crowded though. The beach itself isn't as good as say Destin's white sandy beaches but once again I knew that going in. The floats on the chairs is great as my wife and I used those often.
    We spent the majority of our time at swim-up bar which was great. It got crowded at times but wasn't a problem. The entertainment staff would come up and lay games with you which was fun. It was at the swim-up bar where we met some other great couples that we hung out with the rest of the week and even had a meal at Bayside with one of them. The swim-up bar would lose the sun first so you would have to move to the beach or the main pool if you wanted to continue to get some sun. Main pool was nice but didn't use it often.
    Swim-up bar was great, never an issue with getting your drink quickly. The main bar was the same. It was close to our room so when we needed some wine for my wife it was a short walk and they would give me to glasses no problem. The Piano Bar was great. We spent some time in it but one night in particular was the best. With one of the couples we met we hung out at the piano bar all night. I cannot remember the name of the gentleman playing the piano but he was great. We had a blast. It was also nice to change my drink order up at the piano bar. Fruity drinks and beer get old after awhile so Crown/Seven was a pleasant change.
    We ate at all the restaurants more than once. Our first night after we arrived we ate at the Verandah and it was great. I got the Spicy Rotisserie Pork. It was so good. My wife got chicken and enjoyed it also. It was a great start to the week.
    The breakfast buffet every morning was great also. The egg station reminded me of college. They switched it up every morning. We enjoyed the mimosas in the morning although one or two mornings it was a struggle to get it down. We had room service twice and the banana nut bread was unbelievable. I tried to make some when I got home but it was not as good. It was great to sit on the balcony and just enjoy the view.
    The buffet was good for all meals. My wife and I had been on a mini diet for 8 months leading up the wedding so to go all eat eating was nice.
    The pool grill was delicious. The snapper sandwich was our favorite and the jerk chicken a close second. My wife tried to make that when we got home as well and although it was good just not the same. I took full advantage of the nachos. I would get a plate everyday before I went up to get ready for dinner as an appetizer.
    We also ate once at the veggie bar. We got the chips and dip and the white dip (cannot remember the name of it was awesome). I think they put it on the snapper sandwich too. I also ordered the marlin. It was good but only in moderation. My wife only ate 1/2 of hers because she thought it was oo fishy so I finished all of mine and ate hers and by the time I was finished I too thought it was too fishy.
    8 Rivers was phenomenal. The first time we went I got the beef wellington which was probably the best steak I have ever eaten and my wife agreed. We went back again just to get that but they had changed the menu so my wife got another steak that was also good but not quite the beef wellington. I would suggest that everybody make sure they get in to have it. The crab cake appetizers were good too as well as the surf and turf.
    Bayside was great also. Very romantic setting. It was our favorite place to eat for that reason alone. We ate there twice as well. I had duck and it was good. I can't remember what my wife had but she enjoyed it too. It as different as is has the asian/tai flavor. We went back for lobster night after we had already had some grilled lobster tails at the buffet to see how they were serving it. I think they considered it lobster saute. It was good/different. The would have rather had a couple more grilled lobster tails at the buffet. I expected them to be small but they were huge.
    The International Buffet on Saturday was great to as it had a limited selection of sushi. The sushi was really good but just didn't have much variety.
    The beach party food was just ok. I was a little disappointed in that but I may of just been picky that night.
    The entertainment staff went out of there way to try and get people involved. They were not pushy at all but went around and asked everybody if they wanted to participate. We did the newlywed game in the piano bar, and took part in the swim-up bar games. I never played volleyball but they always had that going. I want to send a special shou-out to Kady. The was most friendly fun loving person my wife and I have ever met. I know it ws her job to engage with us and everybody else but everytime we saw her she was smiling/dancing/talking to everybody. We had lunch with her a couple times and she talked to us about Jamaica and even had us try her favorite shot...a dragon eye, which almost put my wife and I to bed. We never got to say bye to her but hopefully she will still be there when we go back, (fingers crossed for our 1 year anniversary). The beach party entertainment was good. We enjoyed the steel drum band the best at the main stage. They had great music and the break dancers were fun.
    After months of convincing my wife she decided she would give it a try. She loves it and so do I. We got to the resort on Sunday and Monday late afternoon we went to the island after a few cocktails and a shot or two. We went to the right to be secluded and we were one of three couples on the entire island. he other two were at the pool bar. It was a nice way to ease us into it as the wife was a little hesitant. It was a little intimidating at first because a guy decided he would stand at the entrance and greet us which made my wife a little uncomfortable. I think he sas a new couple coming over and wanted to welcome us. We went back three more times throughout the week. On Thursday we went back in the afternoon again and it was a little more crowded and rowdy. We never ventured over to sit at the pool side but that particular day they were out of control. They had definetely had a few drinks as one couple used the tower if you know what I mean and were not shy about it. Our shuttle to leave the island was in the afternoon so we decided to get up early and go the island right when it opened. We were the only ones there for about 45 minutes which was nice. Even when people were there they left you alone if you went to the quiet side and it was great to just relax with the sun all over your body. The wife and I will be islanders for life. I was the only one that went over to the pool side to get some drinks. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I couldn't get her to come with me though. She had a hard enough time getting up to use the bathroom. Maybe next year. The island was full of all types of people. Big, small, old, young.
    The spa was great. My wife and I got the complimentary honeymoon massages. It was heaven. I need to find that oil they use because it felt great. The buddha pool was nice as well. We used after the massage and used it late one night with another couples. Nobody was there which surprised me because I assumed the islanders would be there.
    We tried to partake in as many as we could be we wanted to relax as well. The scuba was by far our favorite. It did take up alot of one of our days but it was worth it. The class started at 8 and we got back from scuba diving around 1. We did the snorkeling first and it was great too. We went to a ship wreck. I hope we get to scuba at the shipwreck in the future. Dunns River was awesome. It wasn't very crowded and the guides try to get you involved. Our waterproof camera only had a few pictures left so we didn't get as many as I would have liked. It was beautiful. We didn't do the horseback riding or the cat cruise. We were too hungover the day we signed up for the cruise. We will definetely do that next time.
    It was a great trip and my wife and I are trying to figure out how to go back for our 1 year anniversay. As I said before we will not be getting the Suite again until we are money comfortable. Her parents are trying to convince us to go on a cruise but after experiencing Couples it will be hard to convince me to do anything else. We are trying to tell the all-inclusive is the way to go but they don't drink so it would be hard to get your money's worth. I'm sure I forgot alot of things since its been a month and a half since our trip. CTI was great and I cannot imagine going anywhere else. Our heart will always be with CTI.

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    Thanks so much for typing this review. We will be at CTI from Oct 1-10 on our honeymoon and your review was really helpful! Although, I hope not to have as many traveling issues as yours started out with!

    Thanks Again!

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    Welcome to the family adam&britt! Congrats on your marriage!

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    Thanks. I wish I had gotten on here right after we got back that way I could be more detailed. I already know of some things I meant to say. If you have any questions feel free to email me Have a great time. Main advice is go to the island early in the trip because if you like it you will want to go back.

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    Thanks for posting your in depth review. We will be there Nov. 2 - 7 for our 5 year. Can't wait! Congratualations to you both !

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    That was great review, you reminded me of all the wonderful things that we have been missing since our trip in May. Like you we are going back also for our first anniversary. We got Married there on the Beach,and spent 8 wonderfully unforgettable days at CTI. We never experienced the travel nightmares though..we live in Florida, so it is not that far. We also LOVE Destin, but CTI stole our hearts.
    We both feel that CTI will have our Hearts for life, and cannot imagine going anywhere else. However (we did not venture to the Island) lol
    But we had the perfect wedding, AND Honeymoon.

    Cti and its staff gives every guest first class service, something that you don't find at every resort.

    Cannot wait until May 3rd 2011!!!!!!!!!

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    If your folks have never been on a cruise, you might let them know that at Couples you are NEVER on a time schedule and don't even have to wear a watch if you don't want to. There are NEVER any screaming children running around driving you nuts, ruining your vacation, and playing on the elevators. You also do not feel like a room number at Couples and you will NEVER have to sign for anything!

    We've been on many cruises, but once we found Couples, we won't go back to cruising. Way more relaxed and enjoyable than a cruise.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    thx, for the review.... i can't wait to get to CTI, it's soooo close i can almost taste it! will be honeymooning sept 27th - oct 10th.

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    My wife's parents are obsessed with cruises. They have never been to anywhere other than cruises. It is one of those situations where they are stubborn and are convinced that cruises are the best similar to how I am convinced that Couples is the best. Until I try it for myself it will be hard to compare but they are EXTREMELY stubborn about it. All the things you say I agree with. We will see who breaks first. I want them to come with us but it will be akward when the wife and I venture out to the island when they are there with us.

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    Congratulations Adam & Britt! I am so glad that u had a wonderful time. We will b going next yr for our 10th and we r staying n Ocean Jr Suite. We got that room for the fridge and minibar. My husband & I are TRUE drinkers and we will definitely be taken part of the minibar. I just can not believe that u didn't use the jacuzzi. I hope that we will have time for that. Thank you so much for the review.

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    Thanks for the detailed review. We have 80 days till we get to experiance CTI for the first time. It has been a long time since we have had something fun to count down to.

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    Great review... Welcome to the Couples Family!! 76 more days before I get to return home!
    Nosinnug... when will you be there?

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    I don't drink and it was never a consideration when choosing Couples. Included booze is a bonus, but it's only one of the inclusive items that make it AI.

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    We arrive on the 10th of December. Getting closer every day.

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    Adam and Britt, Welcome to the family. Thanks so much for the review. It took me back, if only for a moment. My husband and I fell in love with CTI. We try to go every year. We enjoy going to the island as well. I am so proud of you two. Baby steps.

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    loved your review!

    belated congrats on your marriage. I'd love to give you one little bit of, well not advice per se, but a gentle suggestion? lol

    next time you type "the wife", try typing "my wife" every little bit helps hun

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    Amen to that Sue_&_Mike!!!!

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    Thanks for the reveiw guys it just makes us more anxious to get there on Dec. 27. Wahooooooo

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    Congrats on your wedding!
    lol @ Sue_&_Mike...I think it was in the post at least once
    So, did y'all make use of the tower?
    Hubby & I want to try CTI next August, but won't be going to the island during peak

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011

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    What night is lobster night at CTI? Thanks

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    Sue&Mike, I did notice I was doing that and stopped it lol. My wife and I did take a quick tour in the tower . Can't wait to go back!!

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    Congrats on getting married!! We are looking forward to our first trip to CTI this December 11th. We are alittle nervous about the island but are planning to try it as soon as we can because I am sure we will love it!

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