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    Default Booked through Couples, can we make a small change

    This is the first time we made our reservation through the Couples website. I'd like to change our dates of travel, just by a couple of days (travel on a Thursday instead of a Saturday). Wondering if there is a penalty for doing so and if we'll lose our early booking $500 resort credit.


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    I certainly hope there is no penalty as we are looking at the same scenario. I don't think there is, but I too would like someone with some experience or knowledge to let us know.

    Anyone? Beuler? Anyone?

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    I changed my dates last month. I simply called and the agent had me email her my changes so they had it in writting and over the phone. She changed the dates and did not charge me anything.

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    I'm sure it's discretionary and contingent on availability, but we had basically the same thing happen. I looked at the wrong reservation when I booked the plane tickets, so our reservations didn't match up. I was in full-on panic mode, but my husband called the resort, and the answer was (as it always has been for us at Couples): No problem, mon!

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    Make sure you get it in writing that you still have the $500. resort credit. Sometimes when they change you dates they forget to add in all the details from your original reservation. It is an honest mistake

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    When we booked our stay over the phone we were told that if we had to change the days after the sale ended we would have to cancel our old reservation and book a new one at the current price. Many people have said the opposite but some have said the same thing. Maybe the policy changed at some point?

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    We booked our Sept 2010 trip to CN in July 2009 (to include the $500 resort credit). In the meantime, we've had a daughter announce a new baby due during the week we had originally scheduled our vacation at CN. We also had a daughter become engaged and her wedding planned for October of this year. I contacted Nikisha @ the reservation website and explained the circumstances. No problem. If we wanted to change our reservation to travel prior to Aug 15, we would have to pay the difference. If we kept our vacation during the Fall In Love dates, all we had to do was let them know our new dates. We've since re-booked our trip (under the same confirmation number). Going to CN at the end of penalty and still with the $500 resort credit.
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    When I called them the other day to inquire about making changes to a reservation, I was told that was fine. I can make changes, keep the same rates and perks (read, $500 resort credit) etc. You should be fine.

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    I believe if you stay within the same rate window that you booked, there is no charges, but if you change into a different rate window, then you would have to canc and re-book under the current rate schedule. I think it has to be prior to the 45-day lock-in date. Just give Couples a call and I think you will find they will work with you. We have only had great experience when we had to make a small change.

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    Great!!!! I'll give them a call soon. Appreciate the help!

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    Just as a funny update, my husband paid off the balance of our trip and entered the wrong dates (now a second set of incorrect dates) into the confirmation email. So he is no longer allowed to get me grief for messing up the flight thing.

    In any event, my point is this: Couples is a business, but it's a service business, and they're very good at that. The sheer number of repeat guests is testament to that. I can't imagine that they would refuse to accommodate reasonable requests or address honest mistakes.

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