36 days till we are finally back in our favorite place in the world. 4th time to Jamaica, 3 times to Couples, and 2nd time to CSA. 10 night in Paradise!
Every year when we start planning our vacation we say "maybe we should try someplace else", like a Europe trip." But we always come back to Couples. We really believe if we go anywhere else we will wish we were at Couples sitting on the beach doing a whole lot of nothing drinking a dirty banana. We come to relax and there is no other vacation we have ever been on which come home as happy and relaxed as we are coming home from Couples. Thank you.
I don't start a whole lot of threads but I felt like I needed to send a message to Couples and their staff. For the heck of it we were reading some of the comments on TA, mostly the bad ones (which there were not that many of ...) but please don't change a thing. The place is perfect as it is and it is impossible to make everyone happy. Let those people go someplace else because apparently they do not understand the essence of what Couples is all about. My husband and I got married at 30 and had our honeymoon at Couples OR, we are not 36. We have come back to couples every year we could (we missed a couple due to military deployments) but we plan on being on that wall of fame some day! Thank You Couples for giving us that one amazing thing to look forward to every year. Some people work hard for a new car or a new boat, we work for our Couples trips!