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    Default trading places pass

    Hi... we are leaving in 2 days... can't wait! Can you eat at one of the restaurants during your trading places pass evening?

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    Default Trading places pass

    Hi bthersoon,

    The trading places pass (through Romance Rewards) is good for the daytime only, but you can eat at any of the restaurants that don't require a reservation. I don't think there ARE any during the day.

    The bus picks you up about 9 or 9:30, and returns you at 4-ish. If you want to return EARLIER, you can call a cab (on your own dime), but I don't believe you can stay later than 4 pm. Be sure and sign up for this as soon as you get there, as it's limited.

    When we trade places from CN to CSA, I always go to Patois Patio for their amazing pizza for lunch. CN has some pizza in a display case for lunch, but CSA does theirs personal-pan style, and hot, hot hot from the oven.


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    The Trading Places program is from 10am - 4pm. You are not on the property at night time, so in answer to your question, no.
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    Can you stay longer to walk the beach to other bars, etc...and catch a cab back if you tell them that you will be leaving CSA by 4:00?

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    Yes if you let them know you will not be on the return shuttle you can stay on 7 mile beach but not use CSA after 4PM, you are responsible for your return to CN.

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    My husband and I did the trading places program in March. We got there and relized we didnt lock the safe. The couples van brought us back to CN. We locked the safe and then they took us back to CSA. While there we got the snapper sandwhich. We've heard so much about them so we tried them, awesome, I wish CN had them. Although CSA is as beautiful as CN, the vibe is different. We prefer CN but, CSA was nice to visit. We go back in 171 days and will probably visit CSA again, gotta have that snapper sandwhich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    So is it my understanding that none of the restaurants r open while u r doing trading places?

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    The only restaurants that are open are the restaurants that serve breakfast and lunch when you participate in Trading Places

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    Quote Originally Posted by spice505 View Post
    So is it my understanding that none of the restaurants r open while u r doing trading places?
    Restaurants at CSA will be open for breakfast and lunch and are available for Trading Places guests. The Palms will have a buffet (breakfast is over at 10:30). Patois Patio will have an a la carte menu (breakfast is served until 11:00). Seagrapes and the Cabana Grill will also be available for lunch.

    The point for this thread is that it will be impossible for Trading Places guests eat dinner at the second resort as they will not physically be there to do so. By the time dinner is served, they will have returned to their own "home" resort.
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