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    Default Bldg #9 renovations

    Wondering whether the bathroom remodeling is complete in Bldg #9...any recent update on the progress? Thanks in advance

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    Would love to know also! Anybody?
    Francine & Jay

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    We're not taking any chances, already booked San Souci!

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    returned Dec 13 this year, bldg 9 renovations already done. Bathrooms redone, walls painted, tapestry gone, new AC unit, tap card entry system

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    Great news - Thank you!

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    Does anyone have any pictures at all of the new renos, room or bathroom? We haven't been to CN since 2010....I know, way too long and so we are almost ready to book for April and our preferred building is # 9 of course. Would appreciate any pictures from any of the room reno's....doesn't really matter what building, I assume they are all the same ..??

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