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    Default After dark at SSB

    We have been to SSB a lot during our 2 trips to CSS but not been to the hot tub at night.
    We would love to try it but not sure what to expect, are most are still au natural or do you get a lot of people with swimming costumes on.

    Anyone give us some advise


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    In March 2015 there were very few late night visitors (apart from us). The few that were there were AN. The hot tub by the main pool would be the best bet for non-AN.

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    We found the same thing in April, used the hot tub a few times. There were some couples there at night but not crowded

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    Almost every night there are people AN after hours - sometimes we'll even plan a small party...

    However - there is an official "disco party" that they used to have (I think on Tuesdays) - that party was typically not AN so look out for anything noted in the activities guide...

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    When we were at CSS (and SSB) there were two nights during the week when after parties were on SSB. These parties were after the Beach Party and after the Gala. On those two nights the area by the pool is used for a clothed party. We went over to the SSB hottub every other night. A couple nights we were by ourselves, a couple nights there were others. Lastly during our trip, one guest arranged with management to have a bartender and there was an after hours AN party. I think we had to pay either $10 or $20 each for this but it was well worth it. Just another fun night.

    Kurt and Angela
    CN 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016
    CSS 2014, 2016

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